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The Restaurant

Pheasant’s Tears was John Wurdeman’s first restaurant and the flagship venue for the culinary ideas of his team.  It was created initially to be a nice way to offset Pheasant’s Tears wines and over the years has become an independent experimental culinary hub of its own.remain

The kitchen is led by Gia Rokashvili who goes himself to the farmer’s market everyday adapting the menu to what the forests, rivers, and meadows offer us combined with responsible local farmers goods.  The idea is simple juxtapositions of very tasty ingredients, inspired largely by the way Georgian’s eat at home rather than restaurant food, that being said Gia loves cuisines from around the world and quietly tweaks his dishes according to the emotion of the moment.

Wine Tastings and more!

We offer a large selection of Pheasant’s Tears wines including some back vintages and experimental Cuvee only served here and at the Crazy Pomegranate. We also have a nice selection of natural wines from around the world. Your wine experience with us can be less formal just ordering a bottle or glass, or you can have a more structured tasting, or food and wine tasting menu.

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