Zedashe Ensemble

At Pheasant's Tears, we're particularly lucky to work with a local ensemble of immense talent and experience. The Zedashe Ensemble has toured Europe and the United States several times and is currently gearing up for their 2010 west coast tour in the US. We offer here a promotional video for the tour that gives a sneak peek at what a supra with Zedashe will be like when you book a tour with us. Part 2 features the opening of a qvevri and serving up wine directly from the earth.

Ensemble in Pheasant's Tears Vineyard

Message in a Qvevri

Vintners are clamoring for an ancient vessel that makes pure wines. Just don’t call it an Amphora.

Contra Tasting at Azarphesha

Our wonderful sister restaurant Azarphesha is having a contra tasting on the 7th of June 2014, please take a look at the attached poster and if you are interested, contact John at or 599 53 44 84

Saveur Article

Much gratitude to Saveur magazine for the beautiful article that is featured in the April 2013 issue.

Georgian wine captures Paris

Click here to read about Alice Feiring's positive opinions on the impact Georgian wines left in Paris.



Georgia wines in Paris

Click here to read about the Georgian wines that were revealed in Paris.

All you needed to know about Qvevri but were afraid to ask

Click here to Read an interview with John by Les Caves De Pyrene, an importer, agent, distributor and retailer of wines from all over the globe about Qvevri made wines. 

An Amphora Experience

Click here to hear what the Real Wine Fair blog has to say about Qvevri wines as well as other Amphora methods.

Qvevri Wine-Making Symposium in Tbilisi

The Qvevri Wine-Making Symposium began in the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi. U.S. Ambassador John Bass opened the event.

This is the first conference devoted to the Georgian wine making traditions, which will last 3 days.

In Vino Qvevritas

I first met Jonathan Wurdeman less than two years ago. I had made frequent business trips to Georgia for almost three years back then but he did not seem to belong to any group of people I met in the country before. As an American artist who had settled in Georgia more than a decade ago he was fluent in Georgian - unlike most expatriates I knew who could only speak the basic words. His ambitious blue eyes shining with excitement, he also did not look like the Georgian figure already shaped in my mind. He had ideas, not only about his own winery but about wine in Georgia as a whole. He was relatively new in the business, I had witnessed...

by Umay Çeviker

В Грузии заканчивают сбор винограда

Их вино знают все жители бывшего Союза. А традиция виноделия в этой стране измеряется тысячелетиями. В Грузии заканчивают сбор винограда – так называемое ртвели. И хвастаются: в этом году уродилось на славу.

Pheasant’s Tears Boost Georgia Wine Fightback on Russia Embargo

Pheasant’s Tears Boost Georgia Wine Fightback on Russia Embargo

Original Beans

Original Beans chocolate company plans to attend this years Real Wine fair. Click here to read more.

Zedashe's New Album and US Tour. Music and Dance from Republic of Georgia

New Video on Zedashe, Please Help Support Us !



2008 Pheasant`s Tears Rkatsiteli, Republic Of Georgia

Jamie Drummond on Food and Wine - John Wurdeman (Pheasant's Tears, Georgia)

Wild Georgian Wines

The wines of Pheasant's Tears, Kakheti, Georgia

Some unusual but lovely qvevri wines from Georgia

The American With The Other Georgia On His Mind

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri discussed by Winemaker John Wurdeman

Pheasant's Tears Kisi discussed by winemaker John Wurdeman

Pheasant's Tears Shavkapito discussed by Winemaker John Wurdeman

Pheasant's Tears '08 Rkatsiteli discussed by winemaker John Wurdeman

Neil Sowerby's April 2012 Wine Column

The name comes from a Georgian tale in which the hero claims that only a wine beyond measure could make a pheasant cry tears of joy. Quite soon I hope to be hosting National Saperavi Awareness Day. Join me.

Best Hidden Secrets of The Wine World: Wines of Georgia

We are continuing our “secrets” discovering journey, this time moving few thousand miles mostly east of Veneto, Italy, which was our last stop. Now we are in the fertile mountainous region called Caucasus. To be more precise, our destination is Georgia, a small country with a rich history (the subject of Georgian Wines was already discussed in this blog, but recent encounter with Georgian Wines convinced author that this subject is worth talking about again).

John Wurdeman Interview

An interview of John Wurderman owner of Pheasant's Tears Winery and a major force behind the First International Qvevri Wine Symposium in the Republic of Georgia.

Sampling Georgia's Old World wines

As we headed to the far east of Turkey we were having to pull out our mini atlas more and more to explain where exactly we came from.



„ხოხბის ცრემლებს“ განსაკუთრებით გაუმართლა, რომ თანამშრომლობს უდიდესი ნიჭისა და გამოცდილების მქონე ადგილობრივ ანსამბლთან. ანსამბლი „ზედაშე“ მრავალჯერ სტუმრობდა ევროპასა და ამერიკის შეერთებულ შტატებს. ამჟამად იგეგმება დასავლეთ სანაპიროს ტური აშშ-ში. გთავაზობთ ტურის სარეკლამო რგოლს, სადაც ნახავთ, როგორი სუფრით გაგიმასპინძლდებით ანსამბლ „ზედაშეს“ სიმღერის თანხლებით, თუ ჩვენთან ერთად დააპირებთ მოგზაურობას.

მეორე ნაწილში წარმოდგენილია ქვევრის მოხდის ტრადიცია და ღვინის მიწოდება პირდაპირ მიწიდან.

From the pages of Jancis Robinson

A wonderful article on Georgian wine and successes and struggles since the Russian embargo

CNN's i-list coverage of Georgia

Ivan Watson recently spent the day with us at Pheasant's Tears learning about qvevri made wines and Georgian traditions as part of CNN's i-list coverage of Georgia. There's an article on Georgian wine traditions that features Pheasant's Tears, one on culinary heritage featuring photos of a Pheasant's Tears feast, as well as several video spots, including Enjoy a Glass of Georgian Wine where we show Ivan Watson the tradition of qvevri wine making and open a qvevri to try wine directly from the earth.

The BBC at Pheasant's Tears

The BBC feasts with Zedashe at Pheasant's Tears in Tibaani! Now you can see the much awaited BBC footage from their visit to Pheasant's Tears in May. Thanks to Tom and the crew for a wonderful day and some beautiful memories.

AZARPESHA - Natural Wine Restaurant in Tbilisi