Our Restaurant & Wine Bars
Pheasant's Tears kitchen is constantly stocked with fresh foods from the local markets. Our head chef Gia Rokashvili, a local Sighnaghian, does
not only specialize in traditional Georgian cuisine but also in fusion style. Our menus are designed to accomodate both veggie and meat lovers. Our Kitchen has received considerable attention in recent years and it is time the world learns who is behind it!



The people behind it all: 


Gia Rokashvili is our Chef Extraordinaire. Gia loves life and communicates this through celebrating the unique gifts of nature,
preserving the life force of the food in creative combinations


Lela Janiashvili, Tiko Khmaladze, and Nino Tartarashvili Are the gals that help Gia make his magic, his direct assistants


Marika Nadirashvili and Khatuna Khunashvili Help Lela, Tiko, and Nino offer Gia their magic.


Tamriko Rokashvili runs the show she makes everything happen!


Niko Nadirashvili & Anna Gorozia are a couple that help with everything from gardening to our vegetable patch and chopping, an integral
part of the kitchen the wines closest to the earth


Teona Taralashvili & Shergil Pirtskhelani focus on wines helping guests understands more deeply the roots that these wines
come from, they also happen to be instrumental performers of Zedashe!


Alex Rodzianko is our intern, turned wine expert, turned vigneron, soon will have his own label, but for now helps us on many fronts!




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