Sighnaghi view
How to find us

To visit Pheasant’s Tears Winery, head out of Tbilisi eastbound on the Kakhetian highway and continue for 90 km.  When you approach the turn for Sighnaghi in the village of Chalubaani, you will see signs pointing to Sighnaghi take a right there - there will be a Gas Station on your left hand side and a police station on your right, turn right immediately after the police station.  Shortly after turning there will be a fork in the road, stay on the left side branch and continue about 16 km on this road straight until you get to Sighnaghi.  Follow the paved road, but don’t worry, as it will serpentine through a handful of rural villages.  Right before you reach Sighnaghi, there will be a marked turn for Bodbe Convent if you choose to visit this 4th C. Monastery.  Otherwise continue another.5 km after the Bodbe turn to Sighnaghi.  Sighnaghi is a great place to have lunch and stretch your legs; you can also visit at 18 Baratashvili Street  John’s Old Town Studios, where there is a painting gallery as well as a carpet shop and Pheasant’s Tears tasting cellar. Also, at the tasting cellar-studio there is a great bathroom, a welcome sight in Georgia after a long drive.

To proceed from Sighnaghi and down to the winery one most continue driving NE to the top of the second square in Sighnaghi, not the one with the fountain, where there will be three options to continue, you want the furthest Rt hand road which takes you down the mountain through the wall, past the Cathedral of St George, once more through the wall where there are fantastic overview pavilions, and then winding down to the town of Tsnori.  Tsnori is a dusty, hot and not a particularly charming place so don’t stop unless you need to.  Once in Tsnori you take a Rt and follow the main road E. towards Tbaani village for 5 km. After you have driven through Tsnori you come to a sharp left hand turn (the only paved road) which takes you under a bridge and then you take an immediate Rt.  This road will take you through scenic vineyards and orchards, where you will pass the turn for the village of Jugaani and the next turn will be Tbaani where you turn Rt.  Once you are on the road to Tbaani you follow it for 3.5 km until you reach the center of Tbaani.  Either on the way to us or back know that there is a lovely 6th C. Basilica called Stepanstminda in Tbaani well worth visiting. Once you reach the center of Tbaani you turn Rt on the road to Jugaani Village in 1.4 km you will see a large amphora out beside the road and our Pheasant’s Tears tiled cellar roof on your right.