Our Wine Menu’s Philosophy: Natural Wine, is wine made with nothing added, nothing taken away, it is wine, were the terroir, of the vineyard shines through due to as little intervention as possible, in the vineyard and cellar.  These wines often include bio-dynamic, organic wines, and sustainable wine, but growers of natural wine are less focused, on certification, and more on a living philosophy of farming the land and raising wine with integrity, and doing it naturally.  These wines have more of nature and less of man in them.  The qvevri method embodies the spirit of the natural wine movement, coveting the earth’s energy and temperature, in a time-tested method.  The friendship between natural wine growers transcends, geographical and ethnic boundaries, welcome to our world we hope it is a great adventure for you.


Tastings: Whether having a full meal or just stopping by to taste a range of wines, we believe that truth is found through comparison, and one can learn a lot about wine as well as themselves through comparing vintages, varieties, and terriors through tasting.


Terroirs and Varieties: Pheasant’s Tears bottles a wide range of different Georgian varieties, we have vineyards in Kartli, and multiple regions of Kakheti, we source grapes from natural growers in Imerti as well so you can taste the following varietals:  Chinuri, Mtsvane, Kisi, Tsolikauri, Rkatsiteli, Shavkapito, Tavkveri, Saperavi, and our brandy, Georgian chacha.  In addition to this we are proud to have  many local and foreign natural wines on site to explore


Sighnaghi Cellar: 
If you don’t have time to visit our larger cellar in Tibaani, right here in Sighnaghi you can learn how the wines are made and about the history of Georgian wine in our 300 year old Sighnaghi cellar

 Culture: There is a wide range of cultural experiences to be had, during your visit with us. First and foremost is the opportunity to experience rare Georgian polyphonic songs and fiery dances by the ensemble Zedashe.  

Sighnaghi itself is a beautiful fortified hillside medieval town and wonderful to walk in.  There is also a lovely local museum that showcases archaeological findings and ethnographic items connected with the area.  

Bodbe Monastery
is a 4th C Monastery and the burial place of St. Nino, with a frescoed church, and breath taking gardens just minutes away from Sighnaghi. 

is a fortress in ruins on top of gigantic rock, with outstanding views, for more adventurous guests this can be quite an experience, but the road is about 1.5 hours each way. 

We also have a great friend Lamara, in a neighboring village that practices sericulture, the are of breeding silk worms and making thread, and crafts from silk.  Lamara has encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal herbs, traditional ways to dye wool and silk, and is a talented chef, we often bring guests for a tour of her rustic compound and to enjoy her hospitality for a meal



Art Gallery: 
We have our own Art Gallery at the Restaurant below John’s painting studio.  Here we have a room dedicated to unique Carpets and Kilimns from the Caucasus and Central Asia and a second to John’s and his colleague’s paintings.

Horses: We have a small ranch, with horses, to explore nature and neighboring villages, the ranch is 2 Km from Sighnaghi, a wonderful way to blend nature and the outdoors into a wine tourism experience.


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